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Family Road to Recovery

Assisting Families That Are Navigating Substance Use and Recovery

To Access the Family Road to Recovery Program contact the ATS Access Department and Ask about the Family Road to Recovery Program.

Phone Number: 231-346-5216

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Our Program

The Family Road to Recovery Program is a donation based program that utilizes an evidence- based approach that is designed for family members, individuals and friends who would like to improve their relationship with a loved one struggling with addiction, or a loved one in recovery. Participants of the Family Road to Recovery Program will receive education on addiction, co-dependency, trust, enabling and communication.

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What We Offer

  • Evidence-based programming that guides 8 psychoeducational group sessions

  • One-on-one support to families who have a loved one in recovery or struggling with substance use disorder

  • Creation of individualized plans that create positive change within the family dynamic

  • Assistance in improving the psychosocial functioning, relationships, and physical functioning of the family

  • Case management services

  • Assistance related to accessing community resources

  • Family-to-Family Support Group

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