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About Us
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The PORCH is ATS's Outreach Facility at 1010 S. Garfield. The Porch is a vibrant gathering place created to strengthen community health by offering opportunities to engage in all-inclusive peer support, real time resources, and social activities that are reflective of all pathways to recovery.

Our Team

Peer Support Specialist


McKenzie (CPRM-DP) is a certified peer recovery coach (CCAR). She started out volunteering her time with NMSAS to help others suffering with a Substance Use Disorder. McKenzie is now registered with the Michigan Board for Addiction Professionals on a development plan to become a Certified Peer Recovery Mentor, as a means of continuing her education. McKenzie has always had a passion for helping people. Through her own journey with drug and alcohol addiction it has been natural to help others recover. 

Peer Support Specialist


Renee (CPRM-DP) is a certified Peer Recovery Coach. She has her CCAR certification from NMSAS. She is a woman in long term sobriety recovering from substance use disorder. Renee continues her education through Michigan Board of Addiction Professionals and is dedicated to continually learning. Renee became a Recovery Coach so that she may help others on their recovery journey, like so many others that helped her. " I want to give back and help others know, that recovery is possible".

Peer Support Specialist


My name is Marcus, I am origanially form Nashville, MI. I struggled with substance use from a very young age,  I am now a person in recovery who has found a passion for giving back to the community by supporting  people in their recovery journey. I enjoy doing anything outdoors like camping, kayaking, skiing, and hiking. Marcus received his CCAR certification with Wellness Inx, his peer recovery coach certification with MDHHS, and his CPRM - Certified Peer Recovery Mentor certification through the Michigan Board for Addiction Professionals.

Family Support Coordinator

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Nancy is our CCAR trained Family Support Coordinator/Family Recovery Coach. Having lived experience with being affected by family members with Substance Use Disorder & tragically the loss of her daughter Dana's life in 2017 to an opioid overdose, she is very passionate about doing this work. Having a Family Support Program is very important because we know that addiction is a "Family Disease". Supporting & educating families through our Family Road To Recovery Program is one of the best ways I can honor my daughter's life. Each day trying to live by Dana's favorite quote...."Be the change you wish to see in the world"🧡

Integrated Care Coordinator


Rebecka is our Integrated Care Coordinator. She is currently in the process of moving into her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Mental Health Counseling. She is currently in the middle of her Community Health Worker training! Rebecka has always been passionate about helping people and shining positivity into the community. Although she has not dealt with addiction personally, she has been a witness to many family members and friends affected by substance use disorder. This is another driving reason she fully believes in helping people in recovery to find their path to sobriety and create a healthy future.

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